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Connectivity (SmartWire-DT)
Contactors, Starters & Relays
Count Control Products
Distribution and Termination
Enclosed Control Solutions
Industrial Wireless & Wireless
Mobile Control Solutions
Mill Control Products
Operator Interface, Logic
Power Conversion & Management
Pushbuttons, Pilot Lights,
Selector Switches & Stack Lights

Relays and Timers
Sensors and Limit Switches
Variable Frequency Drives

Fuse Holders
Terminal Blocks
Power Distribution Blocks
Heavy Duty "Utility" Blocks
Single & Double Row Terminal Blocks
Specialty Terminal Blocks
Sectional Terminal Blocks
Enclosed Fuse Holders
Din Rail Terminal Blocks


Automatic Bater Charters
Variable Speed Drives
Power Supplies
Modular Contractors
Soft Starters
Micro PLC's
Surge Protection Devices
Rotary Cam Switches
Starters & Enclosures
Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers
Level Controls
Miniature Circuit Breakers
Limit, Micro & Foot Switches
Motor Protection Relays
Power Factor Controllers & Thyristor Modules
Protection Relays
Fuse Holders & Fuses
Signal Towers & Beacons
Metering Instruments & Current Transformers
Timer Relays
Motor Disconnects
Pushbuttons & Selector Switches
Motor Protection & Circuit Breakers


DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks
Motor Disconnect Switches
PCB Mount Terminal Blocks
Liquid Tight Strain Reliefs (Cord Grips)
Test & Measurement Equipment
Power Supplies
Circuit Breakers
Smart Relays
Battery Backups
Push Button & E-Stops
Industrial Enclosures
Proximity Sensors
Pin & Sleeve Devices
Tower Lights

Busbar and Power Distribution
DIN Rail & Accessories
Foot Switches


LED Andon Tower Lights
Andon Lights
Strobe and Rotary
Industrial Audible Alarms
Bingo Boards
Production Timers and Counters
Wireless Andon Light Systems
Explosion Proof Signals
DIN Rail Enclosures



6x6 to 10x8 Polycarbonate JIC Enclosures
12x10 to 18x16 Polycarbonate JIC Enclosures

6x6 to 9x4 Fiberglass JIC Enclosures
10x8 to 14x12 Fiberlass JIC Enclosures
16x14 to 20x16 Fiberglass JIC Enclosures
24x20 to 30x24 Fiberglass Ctrl Enclosures
6x6 to 18x16 Fiberglass Pushbutton Enclosures
36x30 to 72x40 Fiberglass Empire Enclosures

Back Panels - Aluminum
Back Panels - Carbon Steel
Back Panels - Fiberglass
Back Panels - Galvannealed
Pole Mount Kits
Hinged Front Panels
Hole Plugs
Ventilators and Filter Assemblies
Miscellaneous Accessories
HMI Cover Kits

Current Sensing Switches
AC Current Transducers
DC Current Transducers
Ground Fault Sensors
Current Indicators
Voltage Transducers
Power Sensing Products
Current Transformers
Signal Converters


Variable Speed Drives
Soft Starters

Servo Drives

Smart Relays
Pushbutton & Pilot Lights
Electronic Relays & Timing Relays

Wire Ties & Wire Management Products


Name Plates
Custom Engraved Legend Plates
Printed Marker Strips

BUSSMANN® Fuse Holders
Panel Mount Fuse Holders
Medum Voltage Fuse Holders

Surge Protection Devices (SPD)  
Connectron© Terminal Blocks
Magnum ® Terminal Blocks      
Electrical Disconnects 
PCB Terminal Blocks
EURO-MAG® Terminal Blocks 
Wireless Input/Output (I/O)
Power Distribution Blocks
Heavy Duty "Utility" Blocks
Quik-Spec™ Fusible Panelboards
Safety Switches
Quik-Spec™Power Module
Elevator Disconnects

Motor Controls
Locking Devices 
Hospital Grade Devices
Pin & Sleeve Devices

Custom Steel Electrical Enclosures
Stainless Steel Enclosures
NEMA 1 Type Steel Enclosures
NEMA 3R Type Steel Enclosures
NEMA 4 Type Steel Enclosures
NEMA 12 Type Steel Enclosures
NEMA Accessories (Some Hardware)
JIC Type Steel Enclosures
Consolets & Consoles

HEAT SHRINK TUBING                          
AC Receptacles
Cable Assemblies
FANS A/C & D/C   
Fan Accessories
EMI Power Line Filters
Thermal Circuit Breakers
Power Supplies
Power Cords & Wiring Devices

Panel Mount SSR
DIN Rail Mount SSR
Industrial Module
Motor Reversing Module
Voltage Regulator

CR Magnetics Logo

Analog Transducers
Digital Transducers
Relays & Switches
Indicators & Displays
Current Transformers
Customer Solutions

Power Distribution Blocks
ERIFLEX Low Voltage Insulators
Braids and Power Shunts
Busbar and Supports
Protectors, Sleeves and Insulation
Copper Busbars
DIN Profiles
Grounding & Bonding Braids


Enclosure Thermostats
Enclosure Heaters
Enclosure Fan Heaters
Enclosure Filter Fans
Heat Exchangers
Air Conditioners
Vortex Coolers
EX Heaters & Thermostats
DIN Rail Power Supplies
DIN Rail Fuse Holders


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